Spring "Las Vegas Worlds" - Las Vegas, NV

Tournament Date
May 10 - 10, 2017
Entry Deadline
May 8, 2017
Max Team
Jan 1, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
Tournament Details
Spring "Las Vegas Worlds"
Level / Division
Mens D, Mens E, COED D, COED E, Womens D / Mens, Coed, Womens
Game Guarantee

Big League Dreams has a zero-tolerance policy for open container or consumption of illegal drugs in the park and in the parking lot.  Teams choosing to consume alcoholic beverages in the parking lot or use of any drugs, will be subject to removal from the tournament.  We hope we can count on your support. As a privately owned company, Big League Dreams does not recognize cannabis cards or the legalization of marijuana and its use. There is also a gate entry fee! ( No Outside food or bev allowed)


Roster link- http://www.allworldsoftball.com/softball.pdf

 Type or print NEAT! players names have all players sign and turn in Saturday before your 1st game along with BLD Release form and any money owed for Entry and Annual AWS $35 reg fee in Cash- (No Checks)

*All managers must check in at our event booth before you play Saturday and turn in roster, BLD release form and any money owed in Cash

RULES & GUIDELINES ( We use USSSA team rankings)

All Players must have legal photo ID on them at all times!

All teams and players be prepared for ID checks and be legal! We don’t accept any cheating.

*All Teams must pay any balance owed along with signed on-line roster/waiver before taking the field

*No smoking in dugout area’s or on the field / No outside alcohol allowed inside park complex

*No loud or vulgar music allowed / No sunflower seeds

Team Matrix: Men's  - Coed

We will use the current years usssa roster to determine what a player is ranked with us. Example -If you have players on a C roster they will be C for our events etc. If they are not on a usssa roster this year we will revert to the previous year or end of season bump rankings.

E = 3 d player max (no C or higher ranked players)

D = 3 c players max (no B or higher ranked players)

C = 3 B players max (no A or higher ranked players)

Open = Open rosters ok (no player restrictions)



E = 2

D = 4



Run / Mercy Rule: 15 runs after 4 / 10 runs after 5

Game Times and Info: 60 minutes – Championship game is 70 minutes

All game times be prepared to start 15 minutes early!

Home team and umpire are responsible for keeping score

1 courtesy runner per inning (NOT Gender) (women must run for women and men for men in the COED division

Teams can bat up to 12 players

Coed teams can play more women than men - up to 10 / Women will hit the small ball

No intentional infield hits; if so will result in a dead ball out


Balls: We will supply 2 balls per game teams must shag or throw in a ball when your team is up to bat (No ZN’s or Stadium balls allowed) or purchase from us $4 each . Make sure to write team name on all of your balls

 Bat Rule: must have new USSSA stamp (No senior, baseball or fastpitch bats)

Pitching Rule: Pitchers have 5 seconds to release after presenting

May pitch from up to 6 feet behind the rubber, but must come set before release

1-1 count with no extra fouls; strike zone will be used. Height 4-10 ft/pumping ok


Walk Rule: Men’s-one base /COED-Men two bases, Women one base

When walking a male, women have option to walk every time (no stealing)


 Shorthanded Rule: All Teams must have 8 to start

To add a player, they must arrive before their turn in the lineup and be on roster. If you have to play shorthanded, no automatic out will be given


No Team Jumping at same tournament:

Men can play on only 1 Men’s team (D or E) and 1 Coed team (D or E) Women can play on only 1 Women’s team and 1 Coed team (D or E)

Illegal players will be ejected from the tournament, game will be forfeited, and the team in question may also be kicked out of entire tournament!


 Roster Protest: $100 cash and must be done before the game ends

(must provide viable info – not just waste time)


Dugout Rule:

All players must stay in dugout or out of play area 1 on deck hitter

No Alcohol or smoking of any kind in the dugout or field of play


Poor Sportsmanship will not be allowed!

NO F Bombs

NO Throwing the Bat

NO Taunting

NO Boom Boxes or loud or vulgar music inside the parks


 *If disputes or problems arise: Only managers can talk to umpires or director. If manager is unsure on    a ruling from umpire find the on –site TD immediately~! don’t wait until the game ends

Parks Rules:

No dogs some parks may allow dogs on a leash (check with park) / No scooters /No bikes /No skateboards/No outside alcohol

No glass containers/No sunflower seeds/No boom boxes or amplified sound


*All teams agree to our rules upon entering our tournaments:


Tournament Director Information
Steve Graham
Tournament Location Information
Location 1
Big League Dreams (LV)
3151 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Map / Directions / Weather
No. of Fields
Location Notes
Who's Coming.....
Mens D
Teams Division Payment Status
BangBros - Bay Area, CA Mens Manual Payment($100)
Talamo Foods/RJR Products - Morgan Hill, CA Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
CP/Sewer Septic Pro's - Cathedral City, CA Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
So. Cal DTP - Ladera Ranch, CA Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
IT'S GONNA HAPPEN (IGH) - Temecula, CA Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
Southbaze - Chula Vista, CA Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
S2SRavens - Anchorage, AK Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
Pac Rim - Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Fumunda - Fillmore, CA Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
PNT - Long Beach, CA Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Kaotic/Nellis AFB - Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Showtime - Los Angelas, CA Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Team America - Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Mens E
Teams Division Payment Status
Why So Serious - San Marcos, CA Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
My Little Brother - Bakersfield, CA Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
#TheNation - Boston, MA Mens Manual Payment($150)
Los Borrachos - Buena park, CA Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
BND - Vista, CA Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
Pushin Trees/TML - Tuscon, AZ Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
CTM - Phoenix, AZ Mens Manual Payment($150)
Fully Equipt - Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Savages - Phoenix, AZ Mens Manual Payment($150)
Pacific Apparel - N Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Let's Do This - Woodland, CA Mens Confirmed
DTF Softball - grover beach, CA Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
All World Athletics - Carmichael, CA Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Sik Stix - Tucson, AZ Mens Paid in Full ($395.00)
LV Hitmen - Henderson, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Untouchable - Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Young Guns - Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Sin City Stars - Las Vegas, NV Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
A3 NextGen - Las Vegas, NV Mens Manual Payment($150)
F.O.E. - St. George, UT Mens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Teams Division Payment Status
Badooossh - Phoenix, AZ Coed Paid in Full ($395.00)
S2S Ravens - Coed - Anchorage, AK Coed Paid in Full ($395.00)
Yeah You - Waiehu, HI Coed Paid in Full ($395.00)
Johnny Fontanes - Las Vegas, NV Coed Paid in Full ($395.00)
AZTECS - N LAS VEGAS, NV Coed Paid in Full ($395.00)
Teams Division Payment Status
SHAKE N BAKE - SELMA, CA Coed Paid in Full ($395.00)
Pony Bama - Sioux Falls, SD Coed Manual Payment($150)
Nellis - Nellis, NV Coed Manual Payment($150)
STKR - Folsom, CA Coed Manual Payment($150)
SnG - Watsonville, CA Coed Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Elevate - Las Vegas, NV Coed Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Womens D
Teams Division Payment Status
She Gone - Las Vegas, NV Womens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Team Grind/Renegadez - Wahpeton, ND Womens Paid in Full ($395.00)
No Mercy - Anaheim, CA Womens Confirmed
HTSYC - Las Vegas, NV Womens Paid Deposit ($100.00)
Mean Girls - Las vegas, NV Womens Paid Deposit ($100.00)